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ShiftCare’s innovative software helps Australia’s disability support providers, in-home aged carers and allied health professionals, streamline the way they work. By creating efficiencies in rostering, client management and billing, we enable businesses to grow.


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How we can help

The difference we make

You know first hand the challenges of an industry build around meeting the needs of people. Whether it’s supporting your team, or streamlining your processess, we’ll help you make the most of your resources.


We make it easier and simpler for support providers to track and manage shifts, and organise payment, giving them more time for client care.


Like any business based around people, support work is different every time. By securely sharing information, we help bring a little more consistency to clients.


From accurate tracking of hours, to automated invoicing and detailed record keeping, ShiftCare is trusted to deliver certainty when it matters most.

How it Started

Working in the care industry, we saw a need to do things better.

In Australia, 30,000 support providers are struggling to stay compliant and deliver the best-possible care outcomes for clients because they are relying on email and simple spreadsheets to run their business.

ShiftCare is designed to offer a tailored solution that solves this, and is flexible enough to work for a wide range of businesses, without the need for large-scale IT implementation.

Today, we help over 7,000 support providers servicing 30K participants through ShiftCare via 2M shifts and invoiced 250M worth of revenue.

Meet the team

We're an energetic, passionate team with diverse backgrounds and high level of expertise. We work to make life easier, helping support workers and solutions providers deliver a high standard of care.

Suyog KC

Full-stack Developer

Sissy Qin

Marketing Assistant

Marika Webster

Head of Recruitment

Ian Deshays

Head of Customer Support

Gaurav Cheema

CEO & Founder

Emily Mano

Support Team Leader

Cécile Caminade

Head of Marketing

Bijay Poudel

Front-end Developer

Batsal Awaley

Back-end Developer

Andras Heyles


Andrew Lee

Customer Success Manager

Amit Shah


Alfred Lo


Cindy Liang

Customer Support Specialist

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Working with ShiftCare gives you the potential to make a real difference to so many people’s lives. If you’re passionate about technology, and people, check out our latest opportunities.

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Service Providers

4 Million

Shifts Managed


Clients Supported